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Cross-Cultural Competency Test Part 2

Thursday, December 28, 2017

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It is undeniable that we have come from the industrial age to social media and that includes the hardware of it which is the computer, camera, tv, robot, travel agent, school, store – that most of us can afford.  Most of this fits in our pocket which is about 80% of what we “Liked” this year of 2017.   Yes, we carry those books (audio or Kindle), technology (apps), camera (travel) wherever we are, and here are some suggestions:

Randomly selected 20+17 Likable in alphabetical item:

1.       After Effects, AZ Screen, Adobe Creative, KineMaster, Magisto (Best Video Editors).  Apparently, movies can now be automatically edited using this app but still can be enhanced by your creativity.   

2.       Alexa or Echo (Best AI and Best Gadget).  Apparently, it is the number one item sold online, number one most downloaded apps both in android and IOS (Apple, a competitor).  I got this in 2016 for my birthday and purchased two more for our room.  Also upgraded with my new Kindle HD with Alexa and Firestick.  Our after dinner could not be more exciting with Jeopardy games or turning off our Christmas lights with ease.  Handy household intelligent gadget.  (Runnerup:  Firestick and OK Google)

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