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Bring your Personal Brand to Life.

Express your brand and get vibrant on what is exceptional and different about what you have to offer the world.

The CareerWise Personal Branding Portfolio

Developed by Dr. Tony Astro, a 20-year career development counselor and 10-year marketing director, the CareerWise Portfolio is a personal branding toolkit. Following a proven system, it was designed to help you evaluate your skills, identify your unique areas of opportunity, and develop a plan to put yourself out there in the digital age.

Connection. Communication. Culture (Branding). Commerce (Marketing) – these 4 Cs are crucial to your personal branding and career or business success.

Building your career or attracting new partners or clients, the 4 Cs are the you’re your first impression can be misunderstood because of poor communication, connection, branding or marketing yourself.

In whatever field you are in like military or corporate or an artist or a CEO, the right personal branding establishes you as the leader in your chosen or current field, CareerWise by Tony Astro will be able to guide you or your team to stand distinctly from the competition.


Quarterly Brand Planning Outlook

Plot your annual personal branding moves quarter by quarter with goal and revenue planning calendar

The Little Book of Brand Lessons

– 30 Lessons on business, branding and social media. Get inspiration as you confront and move past the issues that typically hold new brand-builders back.

The Personal Brand Development Toolkit

70+ pages of instructional material, how to worksheets, templates and guided exercises in a custom 3-ring binder

Brand Audio Training

Get fired up with the 60-minute jumpstart audio training and learn how to build your brand around your expertise. Apply this powerful new mindset when you dive into the personal branding toolkit's 70+ pages of guided brand building exercises and create your annual plan quarter by quarter.

Who is your CareerWise Counselor?

For over a decade, Tony Astro has worked with individuals and team facing a variety of career challenges and life transition. Whether re-entering the labor force after the military or a career interruption or getting started in a new job, Tony is proficient at training, counseling, coaching and mentoring his clients on how to build their personal brand to develop a stand out contender in their selected arena. Tony also works with professionals to give them the tools to advance in their careers in their chosen fields utilizing techniques to help clients market themselves internally and to become thought leaders in their fields.

Since 1992 Tony Astro has helped military students as Educational Services counselor from the Navy. Most of them are also athletes, and high ranking military professionals and he understand how to grow and improve their personal brand using his own CareerWise technique.

Read below to learn about the benefits of personal branding, our customized program, and how Game Changer coaching can help you or your business.

Clarify Your Brand

CareerWise by Tony Astro ® will help you develop a clear personal brand by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, values and preferences, and evaluating what sets you apart in your market.

We will take the time to clarify your goals and the overall mission for your business. CareerWise will help you understand your or the company’s role in the market. Then we will learn about your current position and help you to develop the strategy for your long-term goals

Then we will do a target assessment. If you don't know your audience then you don't know your business. Knowing the target audience is crucial before implementing the most successful strategy of communications and positioning.

Find Opportunities

CareerWise by Tony Astro ® will first establish what makes you or your company exceptional and bring this to your work or customers experience.

Then we will discover additional prospects for your brand or business by developing a tactical strategy that will let you leverage social media, content marketing, and traditional networking.

You will learn how to connect your brand successfully using your elevator pitch, individual branding speech, and develop promotional products to build credibility between clients, associates, and prospects.

Build your digital presence

You will learn the strategies to grow your brand or business by developing strategic partnerships and increasing brand visibility.

We will work with you to become recognized as Game Changer in your industry while achieving a life of significance and fulfillment.

CareerWise will do a thorough analysis of your personal digital footprint. If needed, then get the opinions of other people regarding you or your company because your personal brand is not how you see it, but what other people can tell each other it is.




What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is your unique or exclusive promise of worth to a potential employer or to your target audience strongly expressed.

Where did it come from?

Personal Branding came about in the mid-90's from the concept that as companies have used branding successfully to attract their target audience, so successful professionals can do the same. Global thought leaders such as Tom Peters (who coined the phrase), Peter Montoya, William Arruda, David McNally and Karl Speak, have popularized the concept.

Who needs personal branding?

In today's world, everyone. From successful military personnel, business owners, athletes, professionals, and executives need a personal brand.

I don't live in Coastal Virginia, can we still work collectively?

Definitely! Counseling, mentoring and/or coaching is available via social media, telephone, email and video chat.



Pre-Client Questionnaire

60 Minute Session

Brand Strategy Plan

30 Minute Follow- Up Call


Pre-Client Questionnaire

Four (4) 60 Minute Sessions Per Month

Brand Strategy Plan

Goal Setting

Email Support



Pre-Client Questionnaire


Four(4) 60 Minute Sessions per month

Brand Strategy Plan

Unlimited Email and Text Messaging

Marketing Templates

Website Support

Content Creation

Monday, May 9, 2016

Unlearning my Military Traits (Skills I Learned Part 2)

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Unlearning my Military Traits (Skills I Learned Part 2)

There is no doubt that my 23 years in the military have contributed satisfaction and success in my current business, career and family life.  But I continue to learn and unlearn as I move on to meet the daily challenges of my advancement as entrepreneur and human relationship.

I believe these hawkish traits I learned in the Navy continues to block some of those potentials I could have as an entrepreneur but it also (borderline) helping me succeed in some areas of my life.

1.  Being myself versus Being uni-form.  Being open and not worrying about what other people or boss/subordinates (chain of command) thinks of me are two edges sword.  It delays my growth when I constantly watching what I say or do.  For over 20 years, I have to follow certain rules then hold some of my emotions to conform to my team (or squadron).

2.  Structured Life versus Open Life.  I have to rely on certain orders and follow the back and white orders of things.  Military must follow written instructions with certain levels of repercussions if not followed.  That "fear" continues to flow in my "vein" to structure my daily grind.

3.  Hierarchy of Things versus Out of the Box.  Enlisted personnel have to follow the Chiefs (non-commissioned officers) dictates and Chiefs have to obey the direction of their officers.  In the business world, we still have to follow our boss but millennials and recent decade’s business trends illustrates the equal power of all levels of chain of command that is always open to new ideas without having to go through various red tapes.

4.  Risk Taking versus Unorthodox Practices.  I remember in many occasions I have to follow exact checklist on how to fix things in ships or else you are gundecking or not following procedures.  We were not even allowed to do a bungee jump on certain port visits or try the untested.  Every time I have to climb my roof or walls at home, there is that voice of my chief or commander that tells me I am not following safety procedures after over dozens of safety briefs I have attended.

5.  Positional Authority versus Leadership Respect.  Most cases in my business or on my last 2 years as civilian, I can conclude that true leadership is earned by deeds alone rather than title or rank.  While in the Navy, most are considered a leader by default if you wear a uniform that shows the higher rank or with the most ribbons.  In the military, you are seen inferior or superior based solely (in many cases) in how many stars or crows or bars or how squared away your uniforms are or how shiny your boots are.

6. Clear Cut versus Fair Trade.  As a Navy chief (non-commissioned officer or E7 and have earned the title for life) I know exactly what my benefits and privileges are.  I get paid exactly the same amount if I just do my job and follow the rules.  Also, everything that we do in the military are clear-cut out for us (see cartoon) in most cases - elementary level.  In the world of business, I have to earn every minute and hour to get a fair trade in negotiation or business deals.  I did not work as hard now compared to while I was in the military career BUT I enjoyed every minute I spend in my business and trade that I chose to make a living.  That spoon feeding mentality I learned in the military will not work in the world of entrepreneur.  

I still believe that the behaviors I learned in the military outweighs the negative as I continue to balance these "individual traits" as needed depending on situations.

As veterans, we should be open to learning from both the lower and higher ranks.  In most cases, as civilian now, I learn a lot from the success of those who typically stayed less in the military (6 years or less) than those who stayed over 22 years - who continues to withhold into job security (rather than take risk and grow) and felt more comfortable into the above traits I mentioned.

The worst thing a veteran like myself can do is continue to hold into that 20 years of military experience or clutch into that prestigious rank and privilege we “earned” even though that uniform has been hanged already but continues to be trapped and flaunt our eagles, stars or anchors and try to  influence others using the gleams of our collared devices.