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100 Things (Random) I was Thankful For in 2017

There were so many things we are really thankful for this year.  So hard to remember but then, all i have to do is just look at my Dogrunner Instagram daily feeds at

  1.  Daisyland daily run.
  2. 3 days in Salamanca, Spain.
  3. Sam successful tryout for Great Neck Basketball team last Friday.
  4. Mom moving to John & Joyce’s Compassion Home Residence
  5. Arroz Caldo cooked by Myla in November 10
  6. Swimming in Cagliari, Italy
  7. 10 Year Anniversary of Mvoss Creation Promotional & Consulting (MCPC)
  8. The return of Dogrunner and Branding Random Show (#dbrshow)
  9. Agave Bar’s (Best Nacho of Virginia Beach) Wednesday night  
  10. State Election Day November 7
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11 Books I Recommend for your Winter Days & What I {L}earned from them this Summer & my Fall

This past summer and fall I have stumbled on 20 books (audio, Kindle and soft/hardbound) on career, culture & commerce (my choice and passion) but only finished reading 11 of them and would like to share them.  But first let me go straight to what I have learned just by reading these 11 books.  Can you figure out what books I am talking about just by reading "what I have Earned and Learned"?

Here is what I Learned and what I have Earned in these 11 books:
  1. What I learned: As a business owner of promotional and branding company I relate to Steve Jobs focus on simplicity of product and service and Bezo’s resilience diving into territories with courage from the failed Amazon Phone to acquiring Whole Foods, a grocery chain, who’ve seen this coming?
  2. What I learned: Follow your guts to create something new that the community needs not what is already in existence. Zero to One means we start from ground zero (as he did – he was a lawyer and know the educational background on business or marketing) to something he believes and passionate about.
  3. What I learned: All innovation starts with an individual (You or me in this case). To wow our client, boss or customers, we must be truly innovative and transformational. To be creative or innovative, I must create, compete, collaborate and control. I must ask myself, what is it that I am holding back that does not serve my goal – get rid of it.   When aiming, set high-quality goals, take multiple shots until I reach my goal and learn from the experience.
  4. What I learned: I should be aware of what I am thinking like a programmer. Use imagination and remove any constraints on us. Multitasking does not work, it is unproductive so do one thing at a time. Develop a habit by doing something consistent one thing at a time.
  5. What I learned: to succeed in life we must identify our true aim, improve and act on it and never look back on our setbacks and stay focus (chief aim) on our goal as well as to be passionately decisive, set a target date on our goals (chief aim). He gave us a formula for fine-tuning our health, wealth by asking: “What do I really want in my life?”. The “miracle” happens in unexpected ways so don’t expect to accomplish what we want in how we want it, but it will happen “miraculously” if we have a “definite chief aim”.
  6. What I learned: We are not a spectator or just drift like a bird “without wings”. Our main role is to “live forward” and follow our path by exploring our inner talents, and be aware our on “chains” that strangle us like regrets. This is not possible if we do not have a written long-term life plan. It is the only way to live with no regrets. If we missed an opportunity, it has forever gone – look for the next. It forces us to know every day that we have a better future and keeps us balance in different areas of our life.
  7. What I learned: People will not buy our idea or products if we do not tell them why they need it.   It is hard to convince someone even if we have all the facts. Once we communicate why we do it, we do not have to worry about convincing someone or selling our ideas – that is the ultimate point, the same thing in convincing or motivating ourselves in accomplishing our goals. This will also free us in many ways how we do our day to day life, just ask why we do it and move on.
  8. What I learned: I should be aware of all the people’s background why they respond differently than others or myself. I should develop agility and adjust my behavior and expectations as needed so we can communicate better to others.   Understanding culture is the key to success in      my personal life (knowing my friend is where they came from) and business (the multicultural background of my colleagues, clients, and employees) to develop empathy and influence to get our message across and sell our ideas to other culture – globally.
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